Text and Narrative in Byzantium: Projects in Uppsala

Karine Åkerman Sarkisian, The Life of St. Onouphrios the hermit (BHL 6338 and 6338a)

Ewa Balicka-Witakowska, Barbara Crostini, Matthew Driscoll, Anthony Lappin, Johan Heldt, and Jan Retsö, Medieval short narratives between languages and cultures: the Miracles of the Virgin Mary

Johan Heldt, The Life of St. Nicholas of Stoudios (BHG 1365)

Uffe Holmsgaard Ericksen, Entering the Sacred Story: Performance and Participation in Early Byzantine liturgical texts

Ingela Nilsson, The author and his narrative in twelfth-century Byzantium: the case of Konstantinos Manasses

Myrto Veikou, Byzantine Literary ‘Lived Spaces’ through the Study of Hagiographical Texts (4th-12th c.)

AnnaLinden Weller, The Narrative of Medieval Empire on the Frontier: Byzantine and Armenian Literatures in the 10th-11th Centuries