Douglas Olson: Athenaios och Five Greek Words

Grekiskan i Stockholm och Uppsala arrangerar två gemensamma seminarium med S. Douglas Olson (Minnesota):

1. Athenaios
A survey of how Athenaeus quotes prose authors who are not fragmentary (Xenophon, Herodotus, Plato), as a way of trying to evaluate he might handle truly fragmentary authors (Philochorus, Theopompus, Poseido-nius). Accessible even for the “Greek-less”

Tid: tisdag 7 mars, kl. 16-18
Plats: SU, Frescati B479

2. Five Greek Words
Five Greek Words, an attempt to argue for traditional classical philology by showing how looking closely at a handful of simple words, mostly from comic poets, both opens up an enormous number of interesting issues and shows how weak many of our standard reference tools and critical editions are. Greek is useful but not mandatory, and (in a sense) everything is done in translation.”

Tid: onsdag 8 mars, kl. 11.00-12.15
Plats: SU, Frescati B479

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