Ny forskare inom projektet Text and narrative in Byzatium

Vi är glada att till institutionen välkomna Markéta Kulhánkova, som ska tillbringa hösten i Uppsala inom ramen för projektet ”Text and narrative in Byzatium”. Markéta beskriver sitt arbete i följande ordalag:

During my four-month stay at the University of Uppsala, I will focus on the following tasks: preparing a contribution for the Companion to Byzantine satire about the 12th century Ptochoprodromic poems; finalising the Czech translation of Digenis Aktritis epos and writing the introductory study; pursuing my research on pseudo-orality in the Byzantine literature, especially in early hagiography. My aim is to prepare a research project proposal on this topic and to explore the possibilities of closer collaboration with the members of the present research group in Uppsala on this or related topic in the future.