Mats Rosengren om Protagoras på försokratikerseminariet 21/9

Terminens första försokratikerseminarium, som äger rum torsdagen 21/9, kl. 10-12, i sal 6-0022 ägnas åt Protagoras. Vi gästas av prof. Mats Rosengren som inleder diskussionen.

Väl mött!

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Ny forskare inom projektet Text and narrative in Byzatium

Vi är glada att till institutionen välkomna Markéta Kulhánkova, som ska tillbringa hösten i Uppsala inom ramen för projektet ”Text and narrative in Byzatium”. Markéta beskriver sitt arbete i följande ordalag:

During my four-month stay at the University of Uppsala, I will focus on the following tasks: preparing a contribution for the Companion to Byzantine satire about the 12th century Ptochoprodromic poems; finalising the Czech translation of Digenis Aktritis epos and writing the introductory study; pursuing my research on pseudo-orality in the Byzantine literature, especially in early hagiography. My aim is to prepare a research project proposal on this topic and to explore the possibilities of closer collaboration with the members of the present research group in Uppsala on this or related topic in the future.


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International workshop: Greek Astronomical Manuscripts: New Perspectives from Swedish Collections

On August 24-25 we present a workshop that clusters around scholars who collaborated in various capacities at the exciting new online catalogue of Greek manuscripts in Sweden. It foregrounds the discovery of an astronomical miscellany, now MS Linköping klassiska författare 10, that posed special challenges regarding contents and provenance. The role of scientific miscellanies and the methodologies of cataloguing manuscripts add context to this specific case.

Barbara Crostini has been working at the Swedish catalogue descriptions and will coordinate further collaborations around these manuscripts. The project was directed by Patrick Granholm and Eva Nyström at the Carolina Library with a grant from the Bank of Sweden.


Location: Engelska Parken, Room 2-0024


Thursday 24 August, 16:30-18

Welcome, Barbara Crostini


Spheres, Eggs and Vaults: Cosmography in Late Byzantine Manuscripts

Anne-Laurence Caudano, University of Winnipeg

Thereafter drinks and mingle at the department (House 9, 3rd floor)


Friday 25 August, 9-18

9:15-10: Cataloguing Scientific Miscellanies: Challenges and Methods. The case of Paris. gr. 2494 as methodological paradigm

Anne Weddigen (University of Reims and Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris)

10-10:45 Miscellaneous medical manuscripts in southern Italy as the reflection of migrations of people, practices and texts in the medieval Mediterranean

Filippo Ronconi (EHESS, Paris)

10:45-11:30 Coffee break

11:30-12:15 The Catalogue of Greek Manuscript in Sweden: Outline of the Project

Patrik Granholm (Kungliga Biblioteket, Stockholm)

Eva Nyström (Carolina Biblioteket, Uppsala)

12:15-13:00 Cataloguing astronomical miscellanies: the case of Linköping kl. f. 10 and of Trinity College Dublin MS 373.1

Barbara Crostini (Uppsala University)

13:00-14:30 Lunch for the speakers and free time

14:30-15:30 Visit to Carolina Library, viewing of MS Linköping kl. f. 10

15:30-16:00 Tea break

16:00-16:45 Persian astronomy in the MS Linköping kl. f. 10

Alberto Bardi (University of Munich)

16:45-17:30 Byzantium at the Crossroads of Late Medieval Astronomy

Anne-Laurence Caudano (University of Winnipeg)

17:30-18:00 Final discussion of the material presented during the workshop and hypotheses on the provenance and history of MS Linköping kl. f. 10

19:00 Dinner for the speakers


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Religious Poetry and Performance in Byzantium

Omedelbart efter konferensen om bysantinsk spatialitet går vi vidare med en konferens om Religious Poetry and Performance in Byzantium, arrangerad av vår post-dok. Uffe Holmsgaard Eriksen. Alla intresserade är välkomna!

> Program

Tid: 23-24 maj
Plats: 16-0042

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From the Human Body to the Universe… Spatialities of Byzantine Culture

Grekiska och bysantinologi i Uppsala arrangerar den internationella konferensen From the Human Body to the Universe… Spatialities of Byzantine Culture med närmare 50 deltagare.

Tid: 18-21 maj
Plats: Museum Gustavianum

> Program
> Deltagare
> Abstracts

Alla intresserade åhörare är välkomna!

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Andrew Walker White: Orthodox Ritual in Byzantium

Andrew Walker White (Stratford University, VA) besöker patristikseminariet vid Newmaninstitutet för att tala över ämnet Orthodox Ritual in Byzantium:  A Performing Arts Perspective.

In his recently-published study, ”Performing Orthodox Ritual in Byzanium,” White argues for a more humane, contextual approach to understanding traditional Christian ritual.  The Divine Liturgy of John Chrysostom was first composed in the midst of a Roman imperial culture where theatre remained the most popular performing art, and where clergy trained in both classical dramatic literature and in the numerous creative, fictive exercises of the rhetorical progymnasmata.  What were the performance skills at the celebrant’s disposal?  How were they deployed?  And why did he deploy them?  Together with these questions is the matter of intellectual effort; ritual composition in the early Christian era was highly demanding, and its degree of sophistication went well beyond the demands of theatrical performance–contrary to popular belief.

Tid: onsdag 17 maj, 16.15‒18.00
Plats: sal 302 (”Ateljén”), Newmaninstitutet

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SCAS: föreläsningsserie om ”Ancient Civilizations”

Den 28-30 mars arrangerar SCAS i samarbete med Institutionen för arekologi och antik historia och AGORA en föreläsningsserie med titeln Ancient Civilizations: Crossroads and Contacts, Phrygians, Greeks, Romans and Hyperboreans.

> Program

28 mars, kl. 11 | Thunbergsalen, SCAS
Seminarium: Igor Makarov (Moskva/SCAS), Roman Presence in the Northern Black Sea Region: Interpreting Epigraphic Evidence

29 mars, kl. 16 | Thunbergsalen, SCAS
Seminarium: Askold Ivantchik (Moskva), Kelainai – Apameia Kibotos: The Results of Researches in South Phrygia

30 mars, kl. 18 | Thunbergsalen, SCAS
Föreläsning: Renaud Gagné (Cambridge/SCAS), Hyperborea Between Cult and Song

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Agora Workshop: Democracy, Now and Then

Agora och Filosofiska institutionen arrangerar en ”Workshop in Ancient Political Thought” på temat Democracy, Now and Then.

För mer information, se filosofens hemsida.

Tid: onsdag 22 mars, kl. 15
Plats: 2-1077

15.00 Opening of the workshop
15.15 Anders Dahl Sørensen (Copenhagen): ”Plato and Aristotle on Lawful Demoracy”
Comments by Johan Tralau (Uppsala)
16.30 Carol Atack (Oxford): ”‘A Pattern for Others’: Exploring Contemporary Crises of Democracy through the Example of Classical Athens”
Comments by Oda Tvedt (Uppsala)
18.00 Reception at the Department of Philosophy

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Klassiska föreningen: Eric Cullhed om ”Färg, märg, kognitiv poetik och antika skildringar av konstverk”

Eric Cullhed föreläser hos Klassiska föreningen över ämnet Färg, märg, kognitiv poetik och antika skildringar av konstverk.

Tid: onsdag 15 mars, kl. 18.30 (precis)
Plats: 16-0043

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