Seminarium med Carlos Hernandez Garces

Under ett samseminarium med Antikens kultur och samhällsliv får vi besök av Carlos Hernandez Garces, som är doktorand i grekiska vid Universitetet i Oslo med projektet ”Conceptualising time and shaping memory in Herodotus’ Histories”.

Tid: torsdagen den 19 januari, kl. 14-16 (NB tiden!)
Plats: 9-3042.

Carlos beskriver seminariet som följer:

At next week’s seminar I will offer an overview of my project and I will zoom in on Herodotus’ language as a means to discuss some historical and compositional aspects of the Histories. Given the broadness and complexity of each one of the aforementioned aspects, one of the major challenges I am faced with rests in sufficiently discussing them all while avoiding being sidetracked by any of them. The reason to encompass time, history, memory, truth and forgetfulness is the evidence pointing to the existence of a narrative device combining them together. At the level of the plot, this becomes evident in Croesus’, Cambyses’, Xerxes’ and Themistocles’ logoi, although indications of this strand dot the text by and large. In its turn, such narrative pattern seems to be but the embodiment of one of Herodotus’ main lines of reasoning, of which there also seems to be enough proof at the level of the composition. However fruitful, all this might result in the boundaries of my research bursting at the seams, hence my current struggle to keep the project within manageable limits.