Temaeftermiddag: Konstantin VII och hans tid

Konstantin VII, bysantinsk kejsare mellan 913 och 959, är känd för sitt arbete med att  samla och systematisera sin tids kultur, litteratur och traditioner. Handböcker och antologier publicerades i hans namn och han initierade och gav kejserligt stöd åt flera större projekt i samma anda. Under en temaeftermiddag belyser Christian Høgel och Pia Carolla i två föreläsningar Konstantins verksamhet och det litterära klimatet i hans tid.

Christian Høgel (Syddansk universitet/Uppsala universitet): Hagiographical discourse in the reign of Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos. From the Mandylion to Theoktiste of Lesbos

> The imperially commissioned literary activities of the Macedonian renaissance have often been characterized as encyclopedic. Even the hagiographical activities (primarily the composition of the synaxarion and the Metaphrastic menologion) have received this epithet. And even if rewriting saints’ lives is very different from assembling knowledge on warfare and diplomacy, administration and other knowledge closely tied to running an empire, even the hagiographical writings may be seen in this light. Only this requires taking into account the profound changes that took place in the utterances of emperors in the course of the tenth century. The sermons of Leo VI set a completely new – wise and pious – tone for the pronouncements made by an emperor. The reign of his son, Constantine VII Porphyrogenntos, became a scene of hagiographical experiments, resulting in a literary masterpiece of hagiography, the Life of Theoktiste of Lesbos, which will here be read in light of this development.

Pia Carolla (Università di Genova): Appropriation or Incorporation? A New Perspective on the Proem of Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos’ Excerpta

> The impressive Byzantine historical collection from 10th century commonly named “Excerpta Historica Constantiniana” has been living a revival of interest. Despite its fragmentary and poorly attested tradition (or maybe exactly for this reason), speculation is going on about this huge enterprise of extracting whatever useful text from the Greek historiography about Rome and re-collecting the excerpts which spanned more than one thousand years of Roman history, from Polybius to George the Monk. The seminar shows a taste of the new critical edition of the Excerpta de Legationibus Romanorum (ELR), the first edition to take into account all the preserved manuscripts, and is going to focus on a surprising lexical feature which sheds light onto the perspective of the emperor – and can shed it onto ours as well.

Tid: tisdag 21 maj, kl. 13–16.30
Plats: 7-0017

Ungefärliga hållpunkter: 13.15–13.45 David Westberg (Inledning) | 13.45–14.45 Christian Høgel | 14.45–15.00 Paus | 15.00–16.00 Pia Carolla | 16.00–16.30 avslutande frågor och diskussion.

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